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The Southern Yorkshire Canary Club Show - Past Years

Going forward we intend to include a full detailed show report of the Southern Yorkshire Canary Club Show and the Southern & Eastern Counties Yorkshire Canary Show together with pictures and videos of the two events.The club has now entered a greater online present with this website and its Facebook page. Both of these online mediums are intended to take the club forward and further its worldwide connection with its member and breeders of the Yorkshire Canary. The existence of the club revolves around these shows so get us up to date as best we can together with the list of winners we include the following look back as just a few off these events while highlighting a few of the wining birds that that they produced.


The clubs records from its early days are unfortunately incomplete and we pick up its show history form the 1960’s leading into the 1970’s. The club show around those years was being dominated by D.W.Dawson who during this period won the best in show award no less than on four occasions with successful challenges coming from the likes of John Alston who won the show two years in succession in ’71 and ’72.


A big winner in 1976 was the clear buff hen shown by Jim Abbott. A pink eyed hen, this bird was a superb exhibit and was in some ways ahead of its time taking specials at many shows. At that time Jim had one of the strongest show teams in the country.



Cyril Cox was a great supporter of the club and a connoisseur of the Yorkshire canary.

He won the show with a clear buff hen of superb feather quality in 1980.



The club show produced around this period of the early eighties some great winning birds. At a time that the show attracted all of the top exhibitors from all over the country. The standard was superb and the competition at its highest.



1981 saw a famous win for Yorkshireman Sid Alderson with a large clear yellow hen.

This hen had beaten several top class Yorkshires at the Islip Street show hall.




                                            A fantastic supporter of the show for so many years was Jim McCracken who won the show in 1983

                                            with a superb green marked buff cock which first had to win a class of green marked buff cocks of the highest quality.





                                           The name of John O’Connor is synonymous with producing winners at the Southern YCC show

                                           and between 1984 to 1993 he took the leading award on four occasions with top class exhibits

                                           which included in 1986 a clear yellow hen that hardly moved from the top perch all show and

                                           was so close to the model.



Joe Cluderay was seldom out of the winners and he secured the best in show award on three occasions. When he won with his clear yellow cock in 1992 Joe loved the photograph taken of him with his bird which showed an enlarged silhouette of the bird on the wall behind him which made the cock bird look like the size of an eagle.



One of the best yellow cocks to have ever won the show was that of Trevor Hardener’s championship

diploma winning cock. This bird won everywhere and added the SYCC to its list of wins in 1990.




Bob Pepper triumphed in 1994 by not only taking his first SYCC best in show with his green marked yellow cock but by benching the best six birds in show. This was the first season that the best seven was run by the club. He followed this win by also winning the top award with his multiple show winning green marked buff cock in 1999.




                                                 The 2003 show produced a famous win for Ben Smart with a clear yellow hen that just knocked

                                                 Oliver Quinn’s YCC winning green marked buff cock into second place. Denis Glasby and

                                                 John Gibson were both specially invited to judge the show.




The following year saw Barry Mills win the centenary show with his wing marked buff hen

judged by Trevor Hardaker and George McCracken.





Oliver Quinn had already won the show for the first time in 1998 and not to be put down by missing out at the centenary

event he went on to take best in show on a further six occasions. His record of seven best in shows remain a record

achievement at the show.





One of Oliver’s best wins came in 2011 when his almost unbeatable green buff cock won the award. The judges that day were Ufuk ghgg and Daren Scullion and they ended up choosing from three top class exhibits. The aforementioned green buff cock, a clear yellow hen again benched by Oliver Quinn and a beautiful clear buff hen shown by 2010 winner Leon Lebrun. All of these birds showed to their best and the judges took quite some time to split them.  





It should also be mentioned that for so many years the show has received fantastic support from our fellow fanciers from Southern Ireland and indeed from Belgium.


The travelling Irish contingent have between them benched many best in shows and aided the success of the show for many years. Our friends from Belgium have also contributed so much to the enjoyment of the shows and both Leon Lebrun and Phillipe Bonjean have taken the best in show awards back to the continent.


The show has produced many great winning birds in its history and given so many fanciers great memories of years past. Although this short write up cannot mention all of the winners and all of the fanciers all have contributed to the history of the show which we aim to improve and to continue to enjoy staging each year.

SYCC Cyril Cox
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SYCC Sid Alderson
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