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This show is a new incarnation of the ‘Winter Show’ which was in its self a follow on from the old South Eastern Counties YCC show held for many years in Bobing, Kent.  


Upon the closing of that club shortly after the passing of stalwart Arthur Gear the SYCC took over running the show for several years under the guidance of Peter Rackley.  It was then moved into the SYCC meeting hall in Cudham, Kent.


More recently the show joined forces with the Eastern YCC show when that club also decided to cease operating.  


The ’new’ show being the Southern & Eastern Counties Yorkshire Canary Show is intended to embrace all of the former names of the shows while retaining its own identity of the end of season friendly show.


The first event of the show was held during January 2015 in a new venue at and was a great success attracting exhibitors from far and wide including Belgium.

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