Southern Yorkshire

Canary Club

Southern Yorkshire

Canary Club


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Today the club is run by a tightknit team whose aim is to run the club and the two shows successfully for the benefit of its members.

Presidents Listing

All correspondence;


G.A.J.Weeks, ‘Harefield’, Grays Lane, Westerham, Kent, TN16 2JB



Steve Dominey & John Tween

Officers of the SYCC

President - S.R.Dominey


Hon Life Vice Presidents - G.A.J.Weeks, J.Alston


Hon Life Members - Mrs N Clark, Mrs B Alston, Mr J.Alston, Mrs M. Prendergast & J.Tween.


President Elect - G.A.J.Weeks


Chairman - S.R.Dominey


Vice Chairman  P. Kalogirou  


Secretary / Treasurer - G.A.J.Weeks


SYCC Show Secretary - P.Dunn


S&ECYCS Show Secretary - P.Dunn


Patronage Secretary - J.Tween


Handbook Editors - S.R.Dominey & G.A.J.Weeks


Canary Council & NCA representative - T.J.Salt


Show Manager - R.Roper


Assistant Show Manager - M.J.Cattano


Publicity Officer & Webmaster - S.R.Dominey


Canteen Assistants - Mrs R.Rolfe & D.Rolfe  






Golding Mr S