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Southern Yorkshire

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The club was formed in 1904 and of course celebrated its centenary in 2004. It was formed to help establish the Yorkshire Canary within the South of England yet has far reached with members throughout Europe and indeed the world.


Within its history the club has attracted esteemed breeders of this wonderful exhibition canary to its membership and to its shows and has had the good fortune to have been managed by so many experienced dedicated fanciers throughout its history whose names will be forever carved into its future.


The club has seen hard times in past years with officials having to steady the finances by their own generosity. Yet today the club finds itself in strong financial shape and looking to lead the way forward as strongly as possible into what seems to be a fragile future for the fancy as a whole.


Today the club is run by a small yet enthusiastic group of dedicated fanciers who work hard to retain its traditions while adapting to the modern world.


Hopefully this website will help connect further the Southern Yorkshire Canary Club with its members while attracting interest to casual visitors.


Our latest news, along with some historic features can be viewed on our facebook page where we welcome interactive contact from our membership.

Click HERE to read the SYCC Chairman's 2004 centenary Letter by the late Reg Reeve

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