Southern Yorkshire

Canary Club

Southern Yorkshire

Canary Club


The Yorkshire Canary Scale Of Points


HEAD 20 points


Full round and clearly defined back, skull deep and carried back in line with rise of shoulders. Eye as near centre of head as possible. Shoulders proportionately broad, rounded and carried well up to and gradually merging into the head. Breast full and deep, corresponding to width and rise of shoulders and carried up full to base of beak which should be neat and fine.


BODY 10 points


Well rounded and gradually tapering throughout to the tail.


POSITION 25 points


Attitude erect with fearless carriage, legs long without being stilty and slight lift of tail.


FEATHER 25 points


Close, short and tight. Wings proportionately long and evenly carried down the centre of the back and firmly set on a compact and closely folded tail.


SIZE 10 points


Length approximately 6 ¾ inches with corresponding symmetrical proportions.


CONDITION 10 points


Health, cleanliness and sound feather, colour pure and level.


100 points